How to become a successful leader

Inspiring, successful leaders are rare. Every year companies spend millions of euros in training potential new aspiring leaders and tempt exceptionally talented young graduates to their talent programs. Companies are happy to find the best talents and the newly graduated feel great to be chosen. 

Comprehensive talent programs are planned together with the HR department and external consultants. The new talents are held in hand in hand to highly planned career progression plan. Managers are expected to be good mentors and make sure that talents aren’t lost. Companies are investing in ”talents” to guarantee future success with a competitive edge. 

 Which talent programs have the most successful leaders Bill Gates, Sam Walton, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs been through? None. Who planned their career? No one. Did they plan their career themselves?  Yes. Did they struggle through obstacles on their own? Yes. Did they succeed to fail or failed to succeed? In each case trial, error and failure have been the key drivers to their company’s success. 

Imagine, how are great business leaders, which are innovative and can undertake unexpected obstacles created? Perhaps give a chance to any of your employees who want to work hard, do their best and succeed to fail time to time. You might be surprised by the vast potential your current company human resources already undertake and are just one step away to becoming the leaders of tomorrow.