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Pirkko Östring, June 9th 2020

Mastering policies processes

The number of policies and documented instructions have increased in organizations over the past years due to the need for increased compliance and other requirements.

Risk taking is essential for any business. Taking thorough, balanced, well thought out risks can be the pivoting factor of any successful business, but it is essential backbone that can guide you to optimize risks taken and ensure you achieve your target results – risk and reward.

To inform the owners’ will of the risk taking to the board of directors, to management and further to employees, clear and understandable risk policies and instructions are needed.

Many organizations have complicated policies, which are even difficult and time consuming to find on the intranet. Is your organization one of those? Do employees feel that they don’t know some important policies at all? Do employees feel that they spend too much time studying these complex policies?…  Are these familiar thoughts in your organization?

How can you improve clarity on key risk policies?

Let’s discuss the possibilities to simplify your risk management process! Feel free to get in touch.

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Pirkko Östring